Just Do You! 3-Month Membership Programme US$149

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In this one-of-a-kind 90-day program, you will START to make changes to turn your desires into actions and live your very best life.

This program is ideally suited for you if you're committed to making changes toward a better life but struggle to know how to start, or pay for coaching support.

Mike and Lisa have changed up their own lives significantly and have supported hundreds of others through personal change. Passionate about supporting people on their journey into their best life, Mike and Lisa made this 90-day program only US$149 (one coaching session costs more than that!), so that ANYONE can afford access to the guidance and support they need to be their best and to get what they deserve in life. And… it’s all available from the comfort of your own home or business!

You’ll be able to:

  • Use our exclusive "Life Conversation Map" to evaluate if where you are in life is where you truly want to be, and assess the consequences of any decisions you do or don't make.

  • Use our exclusive, custom developed online tool to create a simple, personal, action plan to prioritise and organise what you need to do, why, and by when.

  • Use our "How to be Yourself" support book to follow our unique process to create your very own "Authentic Life Formula" to be your best authentic self.

  • Be supported to make daily positive change a reality with our exclusive "Daily Truthful Actions".

  • Directly communicate with the EKO Support Team, who moderate and facilitate all the online support.

  • Navigate a guided and supported process to get to know yourself better, what you really want & what to do to get what you want.

  • Use our exclusive process to find out what's stopping you from being your best you in all dimensions of your life.

  • Access EKO support and information, wisdom, videos, downloads & tools to ensure you have what you need at your finger tips to keep change happening.

  • Connect with similar EKO Journeyers in our secure and private, live, online Life Conversations Hub and EKO Change Community.

    If you’re ready to get what you really want in life Mike and Lisa’s Just Do You! 90-day program is the kick-start you need! Click on Buy Now to get started.

    Why waste time living a life you haven’t chosen for yourself? Create the life you truly love to live and start now by asking us to send you your Just Do You! membership kit, including your book and map, TODAY!

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